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Hi, I'm Amber! Lover of blueberry pastries and good coffee in the morning with my better half, Michael, and our Dutch Shepherd Chewbacca. (Somehow) I manage to be an avid runner and weightlifter. The simple things in life make me happiest, like music to suit the mood of the moment and bingeing  The Office. 

About 15 years ago, I had a nagging feeling to pick up a camera and learn to photograph people. I started to notice those stories that were repeated at every holiday family gathering; how we always remembered the same parts the most and how they somehow got better over time. I realized we don't remember the big things the same way as the small moments.

It started with my Grandma and Great Grandma. When they would get together it was like my whole world was right in front of me - my family's beginning. When my Great Grandma passed, somehow I had been the only one who'd thought to take pictures of her with the everyone on our last visit. Almost 10 years later, I learned my Great Grandpa, whom I'd never met, had always loved photographing his 11 kids and wife, and I took that as a sign that I was meant to stay on this career path!

Photographing families from maternity through the college years is my way of making small moments
meaningful for others. I work with each family's unique dynamic to swap the faked or forced poses for all real laughs, snuggles, and fun. Time with people you love is time worth spending, and I am just there to listen, laugh with you and capture all the feels so that make your favorite people your home

The best part about being a photographer is creating moments with you and for you to look back on when you bring them into your home. And I love every second of it. I am so excited you're here and I can't wait to bring this entire experience to you. 

Whatd'ya say? Let's meet already!

Get to Know Me!

your fun, laid-back maternity, newborn & Family Phoenix Photographer

My Life Behind the Camera

M and I met in our high school years, and became great, nerdy friends before dating in college. After a year and a half long-distance while he kicked off life in Arizona, I officially became a transplant, too! In 2019 we brought Chewie into our home. This adventuring, nerdy, and game loving bunch will do anything to get out and explore some place new! Stopping at coffee shops and local restaurants is always a must because we simply can't do without coffee. We love the friends we've made along the way!



some of my family at military celebration of life

Family has always made a major impact on my life, especially growing up in a hispanic family started by one grandma and her 11 kids! I wouldn't be who I am without my family and would have never started this career if it weren't for them. I am also fortunate to be marrying into a family just as large and loving!

We are always out traveling and hiking together. We love to head out to the family cabin and play card and board games, too. Some of our favorites are Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, Cribbage, Rummikub, and Sequence.

My family has strong lines of service men and women as military and first responders and knowing the life of the family waiting at home is not easy, my heart goes out to any fellow service member families!



Amber + Michael atop Bryce Canyon in Utah

Growing up, my family was always on an adventure to the mountains, rivers and waterfalls everywhere we went. It was always my favorite part of a trip. I'm fortunate to have found a partner who loves doing the same things with me. 

Michael and I aim to travel to a new place at least once each year to explore new landscapes…and ditch the AZ heat.

Everywhere we go, we find a coffee mug with the name of the place to commemorate the trip! We also have a book we've created from saved ticket stubs, receipts and anything else we can to keep the dates from our adventures together. We can't wait to look back on the memories with our kids and grandkids in the future!



Amber + Michael at local coffee shop

It may be a surprise, but I had to teach M the ways and miracles of all things coffee. When we first got together, he couldn't stand the taste. Don't worry, I brought him into the fold!

Our first years together were spent exploring every local coffee shop in our city and trying as many different, unique drinks as we could from each of them. 

Now, we are still trying new drinks and places, but mostly we are bougie with our home brews! From the roast, beans and flavors, to the scale, method of brewing and water, we do it ALL!

I mentioned we find a coffee mug on each travel adventure, but we also pack our own coffee for every trip we take.



artist from my 5th concert with M

One of my love languages is getting sent a song that someone loves or made them think of me/us! There is nothing that can't be said through music.

Not only has it been my only friend at times, but from rap to rock to classical music, I love it all. My list of must-sees for concerts runs long!

While you could easily groan in disgust at me loving country music, you could just as easily find that I love death metal just as much.

I personally find that whatever a mood calls for, there is a playlist to fit it perfectly! Not to mention, music brings people together and gives them common ground, making connection even easier.



"somehow i manage" by michael G scott

If you hadn't noticed, I fall in line with those who can watch The Office endlessly - not sorry about it!

You can expect me to quote The Office, Friends, Parks and Recreation, New Girl and plenty of movies when the situation arises. That's what she said.

I may or may not have asked Michael to say "I take thee Rachael" during our wedding just because I thought it would be hilariously silly. He told me no, but we'll see what happens!

I am sorry, though, Big Bang Theory fans, it is just not my favorite.

my favorite things


I am so thankful to have found Amber!! The images she took of our family are beautiful and she was even able to make my stubborn toddler smile! Amber is so easy to work with and she provides great feedback if you have any questions. I can’t thank her enough for helping to capture images that I will cherish forever.


Amber is the sweetest human. She is so much fun and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire session. She is so encouraging and reassuring that everything you are doing is perfect (even when you feel it’s not). She has such an eye for where the sun light is and her photos turn out breathtaking. She is wonderful through and through!


Amber was exactly what our family needed! From the start she has been incredibly responsive and delightful to work with. Even with our super awkward group, she made the whole experience light and fun while somehow capturing beautifully candid moments.

We highly recommend Amber!


When we moved to Arizona we had this vision of family photos we wanted. Amber made that vision come to life and then some! Her work was more than I could have asked for. She made the session seamless and I couldn't ask for better family photos.


She's so wonderful and easygoing, we laughed through the entire session. The pictures came less than a week after our session and they're beautiful. I'll be using her for all of our pictures from here on out!


My pictures turned out AMAZING!! Amber was so great to work with. She told me exactly how to pose and where to be, while also getting my feedback and doing any poses that I wanted to do specifically. I would highly recommend Cactus & Pine Photography and will be using her again in the future!


The session was AMAZING! Amber prepared us well for the photos. She knew different areas to go that would get great pictures. I couldn't have asked for better natural photos of my family!


My husband is NOT comfortable in front of the camera so we don't have many pictures just the two of us. We had SUCH a good time and they were better than I could have ever expected. We just had her shoot our maternity pics and they're even better than the first set.

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