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Branding and styling photography is showing your brand, creation process, and products and services "in action", creatively educating your target audience! 

It is a way to show your brand's unique story, your authentic passion for what you create, and to strategically connect with your customer base.

Make Your Business Stand Out

If you've got a website, product and service launches, a blog, or just social media, branding and styling photography is for you!

Pretty photos will be loved by everyone, but not everyone is YOUR customer. Branding and styling sessions build a strategy to target your audience based on your unique business.

Reach the Right Audience

If you are ready to scale your business, or you already have, branding and styling photography helps you elevate your presence in the internet-sphere.

Appeal to your audience with story-telling images; attract new customers with your authenticity and value; release new products and services with confidence!

Maximize Your Goals

Your wardrobe selection, brand identity and product styling are integrated into your branding and styling session.

With natural, easy posing guidance your session will leave you feeling like the boss you are! Plus with the option for customized editing, your images will always be true to your brand.

Confident, Comfortable & Cohesive

Share your images everywhere, and never stop sharing! After your session, you will receive your images sized for all your needs, and ready to download and post.

The days of boring headshots are long gone. Show off your clean images and keep your content updated across your platforms. Show up daily and build trust!

Present, Polished & Professional

Keeping up with the internet world is no easy task! With the option for a one-time session or 3, 6 and 12 month brand partnerships, you decide how much content you need.

Get in touch with me! I'd love to partner with you for your brand and business!

Keep Things Fresh

The Experience


Only 2 days after your session, you will receive your proof gallery, and choose all your favorites! Within 2 weeks, you will have all of your clean and crisp images Ready-to-Post!
If you opt for a product styling package, you can expect final images within 2-4 weeks!

It's time to bring it all together, and make the magic happen! You'll flow through your session like a pro. Your products (if you choose) will look it, too!


Customization starts right away. From mood boards, and colors,  to locations, wardrobe and  vibes, we're bringing your brand to life on a whole new level!


We'll (literally) get down to business! This is when we talk about your brand, goals and needs. Then you'll pick your package, and I'll get you onboarded as a brand partner! 


Say hey! Fill out my contact form so we can get this convo started! We will see if we are a great fit by swapping questions and getting to know each other.


Work With Me

I had the most amazing experience with Cactus & Pine Photography. She was absolutely amazing



- Coco's Cocktails

A brand is a story that is always being told

-Scott Bedbury


Pricing varies for each service, so every quote truly is customized for you! I absolutely love working with small businesses to create a unique brand aesthetic and I can't wait to work with you. Share all the details you can over on my contact page, and let's get started!

Product Overhaul - From $1,500
Single Launch - From $700

Product Only

Brand Partnership - From $1,500


Team Branding - From $500
Brand Built in a Day - From $2,800
Quick Brand Boost - From $850

One-Time Session

From mood board to colors, vibe to location, I will guide you every step of the way. Your session will be full of love and natural movement, and lots of fun. Your images will represent your story and your passion for your business. Don't forget the Reels and Boomerangs!

Each and every session is tailored to you and your business. Every business is different; reach out to get a customized package that fits your needs!

Because your brand is unique and deserves to be noticed

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