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As an Arizona family photographer, I get it! Shopping Amazon is so tiring just to find something that’s high quality and cute, but Basically Bows and Bowties knows exactly what you want before you even start shopping! Seriously, they have 30 years of experience under their belts of knowing just what mamas want, and they’re already right here, in Scottsdale. So, no more worrying that something is too warm, or won’t fit – just stop by and check it out for yourself!

Why Basically Bows and Bowties is Amazing!

Starting as a home party and third-party retail vendor, Rita Mote made only bows by hand. Over the years, everyone fell in love with their bows (how could you not), and Rita’s daughter Kristin joined the business! They created a one-stop boutique experience for mamas and began offering not only an incredible supply of bows and hair accessories, but the absolute cutest clothes on the market. Although they’re not handmade by this duo, they are simply some of the best clothes out there!

The Clothes

When I said they already know exactly what you want before you even shop, I meant it! From shoes to pjs and every day outfits, you will not be disappointed in the selection. You’ll find the cutest seasonal picks from Posh Peanut and the best organic and ethically made neutrals from Quincy Mae. Check out their selections for bamboo clothing from brands like Gigi and Max, and pick up a pair of totally functional and chic baby shoes from Freshly Picked. With just these few amazing brands, need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway!

mom and daughter who love basically bows and bowties

The Accessories

We can’t talk about this mom-daughter duo starting with just bows, and not talk about all the accessories! It’s quite simple – there are so many! Find a beautiful, OCD-friendly, eye-pleasing rainbow wall of bows in store! It’s truly worth a heart-tugging tear to see all the hair accessories so prettily hung – and they’re all hand crafted. But don’t worry, there are even MORE accessories throughout the store for you to fall in love with. From sunglasses to purses, backpacks to hats you’ll find everything you (yep, mamas, too) and your little ones need to complete any look.

The Quality

You only want the best quality and sustainable items for your babies, but don’t worry, Basically Bows and Bowties already read your mind! Whether it’s cotton, bamboo, USA made, or ethically sourced, you’ll find it here. Kristin has curated a wonderful boutique selection and experience just for y-o-u. And don’t worry, if you’re looking for functional, they’ve got it; dressy, they’ve got it; stylish, they’ve totally got it! You can even match with your mini.

The Sizes

OK, one of the saddest moments is finding something absolutely adorable, and then finding out they don’t sell it in your babe’s size! So, here’s what you can expect from Basically Bows and Bowties. Shop from newborn to size 8 for those handsome boys, and newborn to tween for your girls!

The Extras

The fun doesn’t stop at the perfect mama and mini outfits from head-to-toe. You and your littles will be able to find something fun to take home, and even essentials, while you’re in-store. Pick up some pretty polish for the perfect mani-pedi at home that’s vegan and child-safe; plant-based, hypoallergenic bathroom essentials; or a new book for bedtime and a toy or two. It really is a one-stop shop!

mom of 3 who shops at basically bows and bowties for her daughters

Shop Basically Bows and Bowties

If all the amazing products they craft and carry weren’t enough for you to want to visit asap, they also have a rewards program with points that never. expire. What?! Shop to your heart’s content and build up those points so you can shop some more! If you want to check them out online, you can shop here, or just stop by in person!

P.S. I won’t be upset if you find the cutest outfits for you babes and wear them to your next family portrait session, with me! Because I just know they’re going to look absolutely amazing in those cute boutique neutrals! If you’re looking for other ways to shop in and around the area, I’ve got you covered. Check out these other perfect options!

girl wearing a bow like Basically Bows and Bowties

Take a Peek Into: Basically Bows and Bowties Boutique


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