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“It takes a village” is no understatement! Your village might be family, friends, and even a family photographer (like me!) or it may simply be you and your spouse, maybe a parent or two. No matter which one you have, if you want incredible support and care for the best pregnancy and birth, finding an awesome Surprise midwife is a must. Start growing your village at one of these midwiferies, by finding a midwife in Surprise, AZ that you love!

Find Your Midwife – Surprise, AZ

Premier Care for Women

You can expect tons of support and care from anyone on this team of Surprise, AZ midwives, like Janelle Drogowski. Start your family planning journey here with preconception counseling. Then, when it comes time for baby’s arrival, any midwife from this team will make you feel safe and comfortable during your labor and delivery. You will have a home-like birth experience with the extra safety of birthing center equipment. All the information you need to get in touch can be found on their website.

Family First Midwifery

Are you wanting a home birth? Jetta, serving as a midwife in Surprise, might just be perfect for you. With a premium and full-service package from prenatal to postpartum, she will be your guide throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first days. Working with a small team based in Peoria, Jetta ensures you will receive the absolute best care and attention for your maternity journey. For more information about Jetta’s midwifery, click here.

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Supporting Your Birth

Educated, informed, confident – if these three words are how you want to feel throughout your pregnancy journey, Laura Correia is an amazing choice for a Surprise midwife. To Laura, the value of both informed consent and informed refusal is unlimited. She comes fully prepared for every birth, with medications, monitoring equipment and her personal certifications in life-saving techniques. You can trust Laura to give you all her best medical care and then go above and beyond with the supplemental certifications she has. Take a look at the various birth packages she has, available here.

Magnolia Midwifery

Midwife Maddison Baca, based in Scottsdale, creates a full experience for her clients after understanding the importance and transformative experience from her own home birth. Leaving a hospital career behind to help women feel safe, nurtured and empowered, she decided to make unnecessary medical intervention a thing of the past. You can trust Maddison to allow you to follow your instincts during your birth and your decisions to be heard and accepted. She won’t just be a stranger you had a couple of appointments with, either! Through her process, you will get to know each other better so you feel supported and connected on a whole other level. Reach out to see if Maddison will be your midwife in Surprise, AZ here.

Birth Nest at Caitlin Court

Co-owners Pamela and Zabrina bring more than two decades of experience to their mamas-to-be. Whether you are looking for a birth center, home birth or even a water birth, being based in Glendale at Caitlin Court, they are a great choice for your Surprise AZ midwife. If you choose a home birth, they’ll make your home feel relaxed and safe, and if you choose to use a birth center, they’ll make it feel like a home away from home! Pamela and Zabrina will advocate for you and only what you are comfortable with. This duo also offers a unique service of nutrition guidance to keep you balanced and healthy from prenatal to postpartum. Read all about them here.

Northwest Women’s Care

Here’s an office that puts an emphasis on one-on-one care for you from gynecology to obstetrics and surgical procedures. Neighboring Surprise, midwife Salina Baldwin works her magic at this Sun City West clinic. All of your needs, no matter your age, will be met and personalized to you! The best part about their care is the understanding that as we change, so do those needs! Contact the office that keeps up with you through their info here.

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Arizona Maternity & Women’s Clinic

If you’re looking for a Surprise midwife who specializes with birthing center plans, this clinic is full of wonderful doctors you can trust to be there, like Jessica Radmall! Go into your appointments and delivery with confidence in your birth plan being followed as best as possible. Whatever your choices, you will be well informed by your midwife through open dialog, and respect for your beliefs, values and traditions. See if they’ll be your midwife in Surprise here.

A Midwife Near Surprise

Estrella Midwifery

This midwifery was previously called Modern Day Midwife with Tracy Burns, but still has all the amazing midwives on their team, like midwife Karline Snyder! Depending on your comfort with travel time, this birth center might just have your midwife, Surprise is just a short drive away. With nutrition and general parenting, birth and pregnancy resources, you will be fully prepared for your journey into motherhood with this midwifery in Goodyear. Talk to them about exercise do’s and don’ts, common questions and so much more, and get all the help you need. Their midwifery is located in the Estrella Women’s Health Center, but you can get in touch here!

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Find a Surprise Midwife You Trust

Your experience during planning, labor, delivery and postpartum is going to stay with you forever. You don’t want a midwife who will add more stress to your plate, mama! Find a midwife in Surprise, AZ who makes you feel heard and gives you the support you need!

And, if you haven’t already planned a photographer into your maternity schedule, I’d love to be your go-to gal for your maternity portraits! Saving the sweet memory of your precious bump – no matter the struggle – is a priceless investment. Get in touch with me to make some desert magic for you, mama!

I can’t wait to hear from you, but until then, I have a few more resources I think you’ll love:

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Find the Best Midwife in Surprise, AZ


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