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As a mom-to-be, you want toxin-free choices and natural remedies when it comes to protecting your health and your baby’s – The Nurtured Mama is here to help you do just that! These massage specialists are licensed and certified to give prenatal and postpartum massage for you and your baby!

Why You Need The Nurtured Mama

Through one-on-one support with each and every mom and family that goes into their office, the Nurtured mama team offers support from their own massage services, to finding more resources that you may need. From doulas, to chiropractic care, acupuncture, midwives, and more, the Nurtured Mama team is ready to, well, nurture!

Nurtured Mama specializes in fertility, prenatal and postpartum therapy,  plus infants, so you can get the care you need from preconception to postpartum. They recommend at least 3-6 sessions, but we all know self-care means consistency! The more sessions you have, the better you are going to feel in the long run. With their intimate support and in-home visits, you will build an amazing relationship with your Nurtured Mama team!

mom who could benefit from prenatal massages at the nurtured mama

Safety is a Top Priority with Nurtured Mama Services

Some of the biggest worries as a mom trying any new therapies or doctors are easily about safety for you and your baby – whether that’s prenatal or earth side! The Nurtured Mama specialists have 10 years of healing and helping moms and babies in across the Phoenix valley. Each specialist has hundreds of hours of training, and they are always learning more, to keep you as safe as possible. From the beginning to the end of your pregnancy, this is their top priority when it comes to relieving your pains and stress. And, YES! They practice side-lying techniques.

Services at The Nurtured Mama

The Nurtured Mama team offers services through fertility, prenatal and postpartum stages of motherhood, and beyond. Aside from pregnancy massage care, they provide infant massage, induction massage, and yoni steams. More details on some of the services are shared below.

For all mamas waiting for their rainbow baby, you can schedule massages for healing after a loss. This one is very near and dear to my heart, so I personally love that they offer this service and wish I had known about it in the past. If you have experienced a loss, the Nurtured Mama team will be ready whenever you are. Remember that healing is however long you need it to be!

small family who visits the nurtured mama office

Prenatal Massage

There are all sorts of aches and pains that are no secret to every pregnant mama; joint and back pain can be alleviated during your session. Your muscles with thank you for the extra attention, especially if you have edema. Massages will always help give you better circulation, and easing that muscle tension can give you so much relief with headaches, anxiety and stress. Sessions toward the end of your pregnancy are given with your OB or midwife’s approval.

Postpartum Massage

After birth, you are adjusting to new life with your baby, so while prioritizing sleep, food and water are all super important, you might want to consider seeing your Nurtured Mama massage therapists to help ease all the aches and pains of breastfeeding, birth and your overall relaxation, of course! As soon as 5 days after your birth date, you can go in for a postpartum massage. For any cesarian mamas, Nurtured Mama provides craniosacral post c-section massage, which can help keep your scar feeling good while healing and alleviate tension in your body. This also helps to minimize the scarring!

Get the perfect massage for your milk flow, because no matter how you decide to feed your baby, taking care of those pains is no fun. If you have breast sensitivity or even if you are working toward an increased milk supply, the Nurtured Mama team can offer wonderful support for you, including lactation massages for engorgement and milk duct health, and lactation consultant recommendations.

a family who benefitted from prenatal and postnatal massages at the nurtured mama

Infant Massage

You and your baby have both gone through a powerful and intense experience together! That means you both need some relaxation and relief time. At The Nurtured Mama, you can bring your new bundle with you to your massage, and get them some TLC right alongside you. With NM infant massage, your little one can get help with gas and reflux relief. Infant massages promote good sleep for your baby – after a good, relaxing massage, how could you not? Attend group or private sessions for your baby, if you want to give your baby all the attention during a session.

mom cuddling infant and son who like the nurtured mama

Induction Massage

At 39 weeks or later, you can begin to prepare your body for birth with Nurtured Mama. These will need to be approved by your OB or midwife, but they are a great way to help baby make their way into the world! With a focus on pressure points and mentally stimulating tools like essential oils and guided meditation, these massage sessions can be a powerful tool to get your last weeks of pregnancy moving along smoothly.

nurtured mama client with her son and rainbow baby

Rest and Recovery Massage for Infant/Pregnancy Loss

Sometimes we forget healing and relaxation is not only for when we’re feeling well and life is good; recovery is an important part of loss and overcoming grief and trauma. While this is less than the happiest service to mention, being a maternity photographer in Arizona who puts her whole heart into Rainbow Baby maternity sessions and fertility and loss awareness, I want to highlight this incredible service offered by Nurtured Mama.

This recovery massage session works to balance your mind, body and soul after loss. If you’re here, you care about natural remedies for healing and health, so mentioning that this service includes energy work will hopefully be an exciting factor for you! Through hot towels or stones, energy work, massage and essential oils, this recovery session soothes, calms and re-balances. As mentioned above, healing takes its own time for every person; so, whenever mom is ready, Nurtured Mama will be there to support you during this time of your life.

If you know a mom who has recently experienced a loss or is struggling with one, when she is ready, I would encourage you to gift this or suggest this session for her healing and care!

recoverynurtured mama client baby bump with rainbow baby

Yoni Steaming

This unique, and centuries-old type of hydrotherapy is known to help with so many different conditions! Yoni therapy can help throughout various stages of the menstrual cycle, including regulation and PMS.  This is a great tool for any fertility struggles as well, including endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, general fertility and painful intercourse. Postpartum, yoni steaming can be a wonderful healing tool, including miscarriage postpartum. Reach out to The Nurtured Mama if this is a therapy you’d like to try! Then come back and comment your experience below!

Benefits of Massage at The Nurtured Mama

The benefits of massage are easy to see within each description of services, but there are few more to pick out! Muscle tension relief for both mom and baby help with healing, sleep and overall wellness. This doesn’t just mean immediately postpartum, either! Remember, Nurtured Mama recommends consistent visits, but at least 3-6 sessions; if you’re beginning with The Nurtured Mama prenatal, continue your visits postpartum for you and baby.

Massage has also been shown to lower labor time and medical intervention. That includes amounts of Pitocin used and c-sections! It is seriously such a powerful tool!

parents who visit the nurtured mama

If you are trying to conceive, are already expecting your sweet new baby, or have recently met your baby earth side, consider using the power of massage to help you throughout your motherhood journey! It is such an easy and restful way to increase your overall wellness and keep your stress low, which is so important to keep up with. Get all the contact and scheduling information about NM right here. You can also find them at 3295 N Drinkwater #4, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Don’t forget they do home visits! Like me with my stress-free portrait sessions as a maternity photographer, they keep the stress off your plate. If you haven’t scheduled a maternity session, I’d love to be your photographer! From booking to posing, everything is stress-free; it’s all about making you feel like a queen and taking our time to make sure you feel your best! You can take a look at my work and get in touch to schedule here.

If you’re looking for other great resources throughout your motherhood journey, I’ve got a few to share with you!

pregnant mom in rust maternity dress is a massage client of the nurtured mama

The Nurtured Mama: Ease Pregnancy Pains and Stress


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