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Traveling with kids can always be a fifty-fifty game, but Sweet Pea Baby Rentals takes one major item off your packing list – baby gear! As a Phoenix family photographer I work with many families traveling in from all over the country to enjoy sunshine and cacti, so this one is at the top of my list to share with any families visiting from out of town. Started by a mom who always had a rough time when visiting family, everything Sweet Pea Baby Rentals offers is a parent’s dream!


Sweet Pea Baby Rentals is The Best Phoenix Travel Buddy

With a goal to help parents shorten their packing list and give babies the comfort of home while traveling, Sweet Pea Rentals is sure to be your best friend on your next family trip to Phoenix. You won’t have to worry about tagging carseats or leaving strollers behind at the airport and figuring out new airline policies. Your rental car and hotel won’t need to have the accommodations you need, because Sweet Pea Rentals has it all and they’ll meet you there. Below, you can see how it all works.

hugging family of 4 who could use sweet pea baby rentals packages

Pickup & Delivery

Sweet Pea Baby Rentals recommends you book your gear when you book the rest of your trip, like your hotel and flight, since you will need to schedule a pickup or delivery. Between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm, a team member will meet you at the airport, your hotel or air b&b within the Greater Phoenix area. There are a few outer banks and other times they will meet you for a small fee.

Everything is set up for you so it’s ready to use right away, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything together. Setup also includes carseat installs, done by a certified technician (if you didn’t know, there is a whole training process for properly, safely and securely installing a carseat!)

family of 5 hugging in desert on trip to Phoenix with sweet pea baby rentals

Safety For Everyone

When you’re traveling as a family, anything that makes life easier is a priority, right after safety. With their certified carseat install technicians, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your babies as you explore the Arizona desert, but this is not the only way you know you’re in great hands when you rent from SPBR.

From the start, they only choose top-rated products for rental, making sure they are safe, durable and useful. You won’t rent a stroller or carseat that’s past its expiration date or falling apart. Each item is kept in like-new condition and verified that it meets safety standards. Once you return your items, each one is safety checked and sanitized before being released for another family. If you’re a germ-freak like me, I know that sounds amazing…even if you’re probably still going to sanitize everything when you get it!

dad twirling two daughters perfect age for sweet pea baby rentals trip to Phoenix

Packages & Rentals

Another great way this baby gear rental company has made Phoenix travel easy, is by offering the perfect packages for exactly what you need. If you’ve got one baby or four, they’ve got a bundle solution. It’s also easy to build exactly the travel kit you need for your babies. With categories like sleep, travel, eating and playing, you’ll have your reservations in no time.

Here are a few examples of their packages!

  • crib/carseat/high chair
  • 1 sleeping item, 1 driving item, 1 eating item, 1 stroller, 1 accessory item
  • 2 pack n play, 2 high chairs, 1 double stroller 
  • optional upgrades for siblings

family hugging in Phoenix desert sweet pea baby rentals

Remember Sweet Pea Baby Rentals for Your Next Trip to AZ!

The next time your family is planning to visit Phoenix, make sure to book your baby gear with SPBR and don’t forget to snag a feeding set of bowls, utensils and cups they offer! Whether you will be staying in Phoenix or west valley Phoenix cities like Surprise, Goodyear, Glendale and Peoria, have your gear delivered and set up where you are for the smoothest family trip ever. Check out their other cities and packages before your next visit.

One last thing! The next time you’re in Phoenix, I would absolutely love to be your family photographer and help give you a souvenir that will last a lifetime! You can see more of my work on my website. I have a few other ways to make your trip awesome, below. Take a look!


mom snuggling her two sons sweet pea baby rentals

Sweet Pea Baby Rentals: Phoenix Family Travel Made Easy


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