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When you become a mom with a baby at any stage of grabbing, you know jewelry is out or your hair and lobes are! Little Teether gives moms a chance to wear jewelry to accessorize an outfit without the worry of breaking your favorite pieces or harming yourself. As a bonus, it’s a great way to give your baby something to do!

parents with son after little teether toys age, giving tickles

Little Teether is Cute, Stylish & Sensory Friendly  

The mom behind this perfect invention was pushed to create something for herself and other moms when her first baby broke a necklace she wore from Tiffany & Co. Frustrated with the feeling of not being able to dress up a little more when she wanted, Little Teether necklaces were born!

After figuring out the perfect material and finding a trusted producer, Pebbles created a safe product for her first born that was BPA, lead, phthalate, cadmium and heavy metal free. Each design is created with trends and kids in mind, and the food grade silicone doesn’t promote bacteria growth. Like most teethers, there are grooves and bumps for your baby to massage his or her gums. Once playtime is up, toss the items in the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

mom playing with son, little teether outfit pairing

Teething Toys

From bright and colorful to muted earth tones and neutrals, you can find the perfect teethers for you, your playroom and your littles. Certain toys have perfectly designed holes to attach pacifier clips, which is a perfect solution for losing and dropping fewer toys. Shapes and styles stay on-trend from donuts and unicorns to rainbows and cacti (lovers of the Phoenix desert, we love cacti) you will find so many cute designs!

Mom with her two daughters, young enough for little teether

Teething Necklaces

These are designed by a mom, with moms in mind. Whether you are running a business, meeting up with mom friends, or simply out for a family dinner or event, these necklaces are designed for every mom and her babies! The extra safety features in the designs, like sizing, make them a great distraction piece while keeping them close to you when they need the extra mom attention. A breakaway clasp is a neck saver for those crazy strong tugs. They are super easy to keep clean and they look great, of course. It’s definitely worth mentioning, though, that while these are teething safe, they are not quite baby safe as standalone toys and should be used with mom nearby at all times.

mom baby wearing who could attach little teether

Unique Teething Toy Features

While these teethers make great toys, the colors can turn them into great decor, too! That’s definitely a bonus for keeping toys around the house without them appearing to be unsightly toys. For instance, the rainbow stack has the perfect design to sit pretty on your built-in shelves or hallway tables. It’s a teether, stacker toy, bath time toy and moonlights as decor! Another great piece is the Little Teether nesting doll bear. It’s 4 little teether bears to teach size and color matching, whether that’s during bath time or room play time. The colors are so cute, too!

As an added bonus, all of the teethers can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator to be used as cold teethers, and because of the high quality material, they won’t have that weird “freezer taste”.

mom laughing with daughter who uses little teether

Quality Control and Safety

As mentioned above, Little Teether toys are non-toxic, food grade silicone that is BPA, lead, phthalate, cadmium and heavy metal free. They are triple tested against these and meet bottle nipple standards. Each teether necklace is 35 inches long to give babies access without moms feeling pain or being forced to lean so far while babies play. Lastly, the easy sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing of any of the teethers can be done by hand or simply thrown in the dishwasher – it’s up to you!

family with toddler perfect for little teether hugging

Add Little Teether to Your List

If you’ve got a baby registry, a half-year gift list, or a birthday gift list for your baby…or maybe just a shopping list, add these to your list for teething anywhere. There are so many great features to save your sanity and your baby’s when those teeth start coming through! I’ve got some other great tools, resources and perfect baby finds for you to check out, linked below.

Then, if you’re sentimental like me and you want to store those gummy-smiles in your memory forever, I would love to help by being your family photographer before (and after) those first teeth pop out! Every session is stress-free and focuses on intentional time spent with your babies, so if that sounds like your perfect portrait session, let me know!


parents with child in little teether age range, blowing raspberries

Little Teether: The Teething Safe Jewelry for Moms


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