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A group of amazing and highly certified women led by Amey Fields, Az Breastfed Babies is a lactation specialist and motherhood support hub across Arizona. Learning and preparing for breastfeeding and pumping before baby comes, having breast massage therapy, and getting those check-ins are all right in the Az Breastfed Babies LLC wheelhouse. If you are looking for the best ways to make breastfeeding and pumping the best experience it can be, you’re in the right place.

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Az Breastfed Babies Services

As your local team of international board certified lactation consultants, Az Breastfed Babies offers all the breastfeeding and pumping support you could dream of, and the extra resources you need. No matter you’re a first time parent or a fifth time parent, they’ll help start you with your best foot forward. West valley Phoenix moms, we can finally welcome them back to this side of town at The Hive Natural Health Center in Litchfield Park!

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As a mom-to-be, if you’re worried about breastfeeding or pumping, this is the team you want guiding you throughout your journey! Prenatal consultations can be scheduled at any time during pregnancy and help you best prepare for your baby’s arrival. They’ll go over your history with you and talk through your concerns. You’ll get all your questions answered and come out of your consult feeling so much more confident about your plans!

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Pumping and Back-to-Work

Schedule this session for a virtual or in-person appointment with Az Breastfed Babies LLC and get help with your plan. When you bring your pump along with you to this appointment, your IBCLC will help you through any struggles you are experiencing, and create and start a plan for transitioning. Whether that transition is from breastfeeding to pumping or to bottle feeding, this is the consultation you want to book! Your IBCLC will give you lots of tips along the way, too.

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Flange Fitting

When it comes to pumping, there are so many factors to consider and things you can test out before finding exactly the setup you love. Az Breastfed Babies offers an appointment for a flange fitting that is fully virtual, so you can do everything in the comfort of your own home and avoid a trip to the office. Everything is done through a HIPPAA compliant video call service, so everything stays between you, your doc… and your equipment! You’ll bring your equipment with you to your call, and they’ll do a full evaluation from a short pumping session you will do. Everything will be sent to you after your appointment, so you won’t forget a thing.

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Newborn Visits

Now that baby is here, schedule a newborn visit! In the first four weeks of having your baby (or babies) in your arms, when you schedule with Az Breastfed Babies LLC, they’ll talk with you, take a look at your progress and give you any tips or help you may need. This doesn’t mean you have to struggle with breastfeeding to make this appointment! Since your IBCLC will go over a lot more than just “how-to” at this appointment, it’s a great visit to make, just to have a quick check-in and help you stay ahead and notice any changes you may not know about, yet.

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Baby Visits

If you’re newest little one is older than 4 weeks and you two are struggling to get things figured out, Az Breastfed Babies has got you covered. With a thorough meeting from history checks to feeding routines, you’ll go home with a fresh outlook and a solid plan to help you and baby feed and feel better! Unlike the newborn visits, this appointment is important to schedule if either of you have pain, discomfort, skin problems, tongue ties or any other struggles during feeding time. It doesn’t matter if you’re using breast or bottle, they’ll help you with it all, mama!

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Breast Massage

One of the specialty appointments offered by Az Breastfed Babies LLC is breast massage therapy sessions. Let an IBCLC help you ease pain, tenderness, swelling and low milk supply with massage. Of course, this is great for clogged ducts or infection, especially since these are downright the worst to deal with; get relief right away so you can continue feeling your best!

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Join the Mom Support Group

Each week over at The Hive Natural Health Center (4870 N Litchfield Rd #101, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340) you can join Circle of Mothers which is a casual meeting for moms and their babies to enjoy some time with others and their new babies (non-walking).

Parent Resources from Az Breastfed Babies LLC

When it comes to giving parents a helping hand that’s trustworthy, Az Breastfed Babies is a number one resource. Not only are they there to help you on your feeding journey, prenatal and postpartum, but they have other great resources to share that go hand-in-hand with bringing a new baby home. One example is their prenatal breastfeeding class that prepares you for the experience before you get to hold your baby – this is an awesome resource to use around the same time as your prenatal consult. You can also take your lamaze classes through them and stay in touch with your favorite IBCLCs.

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An amazing class they offer is their Baby Prep University! From feeding to poops and getting back to work, this class is packed with all of the best information for parents. These lessons will take you through so many phases of parenthood, so don’t forget to check it out over on their website!

Don’t forget to schedule your newborn session within 6 weeks of your sweet babe’s time on earth! If you would love to include breastfeeding and natural, family-time posing, I would love to be your family photographer for your newborn and motherhood session.

Looking for other resources around your area? I have a few more posts to share just for you, below.

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Az Breastfed Babies: Your Breastfeeding & Pumping Support Team


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