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If you’re looking for a Surprise, AZ family photographer who leads you step-by-step throughout the process, and does so literally during your session with easy posing, you’re in the right place! Cactus & Pine Photography LLC is 5 star rated and sessions are playful, authentic and stress-free from start to finish. Every part of the booking process is step-by-step and every session is created with your unique family personality in mind!

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Sessions with Amber, Family Photographer in Surprise, AZ

Navigating the photographer world can be a struggle, especially when the same words are thrown around quite a bit! I’d like to share a little bit more about me, my style and tell you more about the experience Cactus & Pine Photography LLC provides as a family photographer in beautiful Surprise, Arizona.

Your surprise az family photographer, Amber

Get to Know Me

I, Amber, have been a professional portrait photographer since 2014, and have enjoyed every bit of the incredible journey my career has led me through. Growing up, I was surrounded by a huge family and many small businesses that fueled the economy; both of these have led me to pursue a career in my own business.

As the oldest cousin and oldest of 3 kids, I was the one in charge of making all the babies smile and laugh for parents. When I began my professional work, I started in a studio with strict rules about how to pose people, and never allowing parents to do what they naturally do – play with their kids! Now, it’s the pillar of my family and kids sessions as a Surprise, AZ family photographer and I love it.

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Lifestyle Portraits with Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

Lifestyle photography is a term that is used for portrait sessions that have a lot of candid moments. This means, you won’t simply stand, put an arm on your hip and smile; you will usually do some more active things like fake laughing or jumping around. Sometimes it can mean you never look at the camera.

Personally, I love to create a session that’s 90% natural and 10% posed. It’s always great to get a few portraits with everyone looking right at the camera and smiling, but for the most part a session with me will include playing games, telling some jokes, and simply having fun as a family! I will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, while making sure everyone looks great! While I love clients who embrace the wind, wild babies playing and natural laughs, I will always make sure your hair looks great, the babies have buttons buttoned, and we make the most of our time at your session.

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Session Styling

As a family photographer in Surprise, I love being able to give as much as I can to my clients, and that includes gown and other clothing options to choose. I have gown options for moms and outfits and accessories for kids! If it turns out you’ve got some different outfits in mind, I’ve got a great guide of best colors, fabrics and prints to choose that will make for the best portraits. The small things matter, and I’ve got you covered for each noteworthy piece of advice!

If you love that new outfit feeling like I do, another option I offer is a full list of outfits you can simply add-to-cart and have delivered to your home with Prime. With these options, no matter which you choose, it makes it a breeze to find the perfect outfits for the family and be done with it as quickly as can be! I am always just an email or text away for any questions, too.

With surprise az family photographer, dad twirling his daughters

Where to Take Portraits in West Valley Arizona

As your Surprise family photographer, I’m going to provide a list of my very favorite and best locations for your session. Most are very close to Surprise, and some are right in Surprise. If you’ve got a place in mind that’s special to your family, or a specific type of background, we’ll go through all the best options. It’s a really simple process, and you won’t have to do a thing except tell me which option is your favorite.

family playing during session with family photographer in Surprise, AZ

Heirloom Quality Canvases, Prints and More Artwork

Once your session is finished, all the rest of the magic happens on my end. You’ll sit back and enjoy reminiscing all the fun you had during your session, and when it’s time, you’ll be able to have incredible pieces shipped right to your door, ready to place around your home! I will help you through this process, too, with suggestions for sizing and creating gallery walls, shelves or other statement areas of your walls.

Each piece you order is truly a piece of art and history! The quality of the items I offer are an incredible 100+ year lifetime or more. As your family photographer, this part of the process lets me help you keep a little piece of Surprise, Arizona and all the family memories, anywhere you go.

master bedroom with large framed heirloom prints from surprise family photographer in Arizona, Amber

The Best Surprise, AZ Family Photographer I Can Be

With every session, my goal is to make sure each tells a story about your family and captures everyone in their current stage of life. If you love those extra silly faces from your kids, and their impressive dance moves, we’d definitely make a great fit! There is so much pressure surrounding having portraits taken, and I’m working to change that with my stress-free experience – one client at a time. After all, portraits are one thing that simply grow more valuable with time, so if I can get everyone to enjoy the process a whole lot more, everyone will have a whole lot more family history captured!

Here’s a little snippet from one of my past clients,“Amber is exactly what our family needed! From the start she has been incredibly responsive and delightful to work with. Even with our super awkward group, she made the whole experience light and fun while somehow capturing beautifully candid moments.”

family who found Amber for their family photographer in Surprise Arizona

More Than Just a Surprise, AZ Family Photographer

One of the last things I want to share with you about my process is that it goes beyond just booking, photographing and getting canvases and prints to your doorstep. As your Surprise family photographer, I am in each season of life with you. When you’re excited your babies are crawling or graduating, I am too!

Throughout all of the time I am able to photograph you through the years, I also work to create a resource list for you through this blog. From toy stores to clothing stores, best family day ideas to mom-time spa trips, I share lots of great local spots for you to check out.

So, if you’re ready to stop the search for a family photographer in Surprise, let me know! Take a look at my other family portrait work, too.

One last thing! Here are some of those other local resources I mentioned.

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Surprise AZ Family Photographer: Amber, Cactus & Pine Photography LLC


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