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As a mom-to-be you want styles that you know are going to flatter your new maternity curves and are still within your fashion taste, that’s where Baby Bloomers Phoenix can help! Plus, even if you’re not a mom-to-be right now, we all know it’s never enough baby clothes when they’re all so cute, so you can pick up a couple of extra pieces for your baby’s closet, too!

A Quick Look Into Baby Bloomers Phoenix

Located in Phoenix, Baby Bloomers is a great option to shop locally for new and gently used clothing. They have a few other sale items too, and an area for kids, so you can bring any siblings with you to let them find a couple of prizes on a mommy-and-me shopping trip!

Family of 4 in Phoenix with two daughters wearing baby bloomers

Shop Clothes

It’s no secret that the Phoenix area is lacking some amazing maternity boutiques, but Baby Bloomers has a selection for moms, too. Online stores and Amazon are easily becoming harder to shop for just the right size and style that actually looks like it does on the models, so having a local shop to try-on clothes or at least hold them to your body, this is a great spot!

baby bloomers phoenix pink lace maternity dress baby bump photo with parents hands

Once your baby is earth side, you can stop in for some high-end styles as they grow. Each item is brand-name and gently used or new which is such a win because kids grow just so darn fast and these deals are just too good to miss. You can find onesie bundles, too, which can be so hard to find at big box stores, so keep them in mind next time you’re on the hunt for onesies!

brothers hugging near saguaro baby bloomers in phoenix

Shop Toys and Furniture

If you’re looking for baby items like cribs, strollers, and changing tables, you may be able to snag a great one at Baby Bloomers in Phoenix! It’s a great spot for some of those amazing brands and items you used to find at Toys R Us (R.I.P.) like those great outdoor toys or a sit-and-spin (anyone else feel old?) That goes for books, too! There’s a dollar spot to find some true gems, or maybe just a sweet prize for your littles tagging along with you that day. Either way, it’s worth scoping out!

mom who shops at baby bloomers in phoenix playing with her two kids

Sell Clothes

If you’ve got a pile of clothes or toys that were hardly used after the baby showers, holidays and birthdays passed, Baby Bloomers Phoenix will help you consign them! Wash, press, fold and bring them on over in your laundry basket, seven days a week during store hours. This is such an easy way to clean out your babies’ closets and cycle some new clothes right back into them, so you never run low on a size for cute, play or every day outfits. Baby Bloomers Phoenix is not brand-specific, so you can find and sell lots of amazing brands!

family walking on bridge, baby bloomers in phoenix

Make Sure You Shop Baby Bloomers Phoenix, Soon

Isn’t it so much more fun to shop all the cute, tiny kids clothes than adult ones? Find them at 6505 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014

If you’re looking for maternity dresses and other clothes in Phoenix, make sure you stop by and check out their daily selection of clothes for you, too!

Once you’ve got your high-end outfits for you and baby, come see me for some family or mommy and me portraits! Take a look at my family photography; I’d love to dream up something amazing for you!

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young sibling giving baby bump a gift, clothes from baby bloomers phoenix

Baby Bloomers Phoenix: Maternity and Baby Styles


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