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As a parent, you want all the best for your kids when it comes to their safety, and that can easily become overwhelming! Baby Safe Homes in Phoenix makes the task fast and easy for you. You may not know what type of locks or covers to buy, or what size, and you may not know all that needs to be baby proofed in your home, but the Baby Safe Homes Phoenix team will do it for you, in just a few hours!

What is Baby Safe Homes Phoenix?

This team was started by a father in Phoenix who had a new baby on the move, but was frustrated by the way he had to figure out baby proofing his house. Some devices he bought simply didn’t fit or work, some broke because they were poorly made, and on top of that was all the trips to the store and online deliveries that lead to lots of returns! Knowing there was no way he was the only parent having a hard time, Todd Watkins decided to find a way to help other parents keep their babies safe at home without the same struggle – that’s when he found Baby Safe Homes! Open in a handful of states, Todd started Baby Safe Homes Phoenix.

portrait of a family who loved Baby Safe Homes Phoenix

The Process

When you get in contact with the team, they’ll work with you to plan a time for service in your area. Once your appointment starts, they’ll walk through your home with you and talk about all the things they see that can be dangerous for crawling and toddling littles. You’ll get to choose what you want to child proof and have a full estimate of cost with all the details.

Then, it’s time to child proof! Yep! The team will start proofing your home the same day, and be finished in as little as 2-5 hours. No mess, no hassle, and no worries! The team will clean up any debris created and leave your home as it was, plus your new baby proofing hardware in place, of course. Don’t worry, Todd’s team will go through how to use each item with you, so everything will stay child proofed and not adult proof!

maternity photo for parents who learned about Phoenix Baby Safe Homes

Is It The Service For Me?

Phoenix Baby Safe Homes is great for anyone who often has kids in their home! Those who benefit most are in-home childcare sitter services and nannies, new parents, and anyone who isn’t quite sure where to start with identifying the dangers in their home. If you are just a parent who’s tired of child proofing items from Amazon or the store not working, or having the worst instructions, they’ve got your back! Plus, the fewer holes we have to put into walls, the better, right?! Forget the hassle and get peace of mind right away with BSH Phoenix.

mom with a toddler who benefit from baby safe homes in Phoenix

Why You Need Baby Safe Homes Phoenix!

Anything you want, they’ve got! What does that mean? Well…you can forget about overpriced products from the store or Amazon, because they’ll get you their best price. You’ve also got the customization they bring to your home, so you don’t have to measure a thing. A great example is if you’ve got a banister with spaces on your stairs, they’ll fill that for you! No more asking the kid at the store who has no clue what you’re talking about, either. They’ll teach you and actually be able to answer all of your questions! As a bonus, they’ve been doing this a while, and for many different homes, so if there is any drilling or screws and pins, they’re going to get it done perfectly the first time around.

Baby Safe Homes Phoenix won’t cut corners just do get the job done. Todd is a dad, too! Anything he wouldn’t trust for his family, he wouldn’t use for yours! Check out all of their info and get in touch here! And, if you’ve got some sweet babies crawling and toddling around, I would love to talk about a family portrait session with you! Especially if you’ve got a couple hours to spend while your home is baby proofed! *wink, wink*

I also have a lot more resources you can check out around Phoenix for you and your family! Here are just a few!

mom with her toddler who needs baby safe homes Phoenix

Baby Proofing 101: Baby Safe Homes in Phoenix!


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