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As a maternity and family photographer in Surprise, I work with a lot of parents and their little ones! These 6 Surprise pediatricians are highly recommended from other moms in Surprise. Healthy babies are happy babies! And you want the absolute best care for your babies from pediatricians in Surprise. Whether you’re a new or soon-to-be parent, or you’ve done it all before, you want to feel good about your choice. Feeling comfortable about who’s caring for your little one’s health, while still being heard and having the final say in decisions is a must for you. So, if you’re searching for a new pediatrician, you’ve found the perfect place to start!


Below, You’ll Find 6 of the Best Pediatricians in Surprise

Desert Valley Pediatrics

When your little one is sick, the worst thing to happen is not being able to get in to see their doctor soon enough. At Desert Valley Pediatrics, you will have access to care when you need them! They strive for their families to have easy accessibility to their physicians. Another great part about them is they stay up to date with changes and advancing healthcare. With 30 years of families in the Valley, you can feel comfortable choosing this pediatric office for yours.  

MVP Kids Care

Next, an office that is well established and works to keep open communication between doctor and parent. This small team of pediatricians near Surprise are board certified through the American Academy of Pediatrics. During emergencies, they will be for you any time of day, and they also make same day appointments in less urgent situations that still require faster care. Aside from well checks and sick visits, you can have your kids tested for allergies, have sports medicine care, and have a tongue-tie procedure done here. For moms of babies, or moms to be, they also have a breastfeeding specialist! 

Arizona Kids Pediatrics

For a family-centered and caring pediatric office, look no further than these Surprise Pediatricians! At Arizona Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Hoff and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Nicole are a duo with the same goal – to offer your child the best because “your child is unique, so their medical treatment and services should not be a cookie cutter experience”. They are all about communication, and will stick by your babies until they are 18 years old. Schedule with them Mondays through Fridays.

Agave Pediatrics – Holistic Care

Not all doctors have the same functional medicine approach! For a short trip to either Goodyear or Glendale, find a holistic care approach for your littles, at this award winning pediatrician’s office near Surprise. These pediatricians work toward the health of mind, body, and spirit from well checks to sick visits with osteopathic care. Find out how “knowledgeable, caring and passionate” these pediatricians are with their new-patient virtual meet and greet!

Little Star Pediatrics – Holistic Care

Lastly, but not at all least, in Avondale, Nurse Practitioner (MSN, FNP-C) Ameeta Chowdhary promises “affordable, effective, age-appropriate, and culturally sensitive healthcare”. With raving reviews about her practice, Ameeta offers healthcare from birth to age 20. She treats all her patients well with “individualized, holistic care, targeting problem areas before they lead to more serious issues” and prides herself on being available to her patients to help them have a healthy adulthood!

Find an Amazing Surprise Pediatrician!

Every doctor’s office and practitioner is different, but each one truly has a goal of caring for your children. These offices come highly recommended by mamas, for mamas. Not only is it important for you, as a parent, to have the final say in the health of your little ones, but it’s just as important that your little ones feel comfortable and safe. Many of these pediatricians in Surprise have fun themes for your kiddos; less stress for them, means less stress for you!

If you’re looking for medical care in Surprise and the surrounding areas, I have a few other resources you might like, below!

Snuggling mom and daughter looking for Surprise pediatricians

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