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When it comes to your kiddos, you want the best health care for them, without the hassle. These 5 Peoria pediatricians are what parents in the area recommend as the best. Each office is committed to caring for your little ones, and working with parents to keep them in the best health.


Take a Look Through the Best Pediatricians in Peoria

Advance Pediatrics

One of the hardest parts of finding any new doctor is whether or not they are open to new patients, but this private practice is always accepting new patients! The staff understands work-life balance can be difficult, and by offering weekend and after-hours appointments, you can use less sick-time for well-check appointments and save it for when you really need it. Reach your doctor any time and work with them to avoid unnecessary visits to urgent care or the emergency room, by scheduling same day appointments. Schedule with them here.

Valley of the Sun Pediatrics

Make doctors visits a comfortable and safe place for your babies at this small team’s private practice. From newborn to 18 years old, your kids will grow up feeling like they’re part of another family with Valley of the Sun Pediatrics. Their goal is to, “make a difference in the lives of children by providing quality health care in an environment built on knowledge, innovation, integrity, and fun!” And with an after hours clinic, ear piercing availability, and openness for treatments of things like sprains, infections and rashes, you know they truly have you and your kids covered. Get all your appointment information here!

Great Destinations Pediatrics

If you’re looking for a Peoria pediatrician that has a more holistic approach, this one is a great fit for you! With a focus on mind, body and spirit, Great Destinations Pediatrics will handle everything compassionately and with health in mind. The office creates an entire experience for kids with a train depot that explores the world! Your little ones will actually enjoy doctor visits and build trust with their doctor. By working with kids to learn about their health and how to maintain it, they don’t jump to medications as a solution. This independent team supports your children through their childhood, and works with parents – not against you! Find out more about scheduling through their website.

Pediatricians Just Outside Peoria

Pleasant Pediatrics

If you’re searching for like-minded doctors and caring staff, this office could be a great choice for you! This group of pediatricians near Peoria reminds patients “no question is a silly question.” You will feel comfortable learning about anything you ask from these pediatricians, and know they will answer them with kindness and without judgement. From allergy testing and treatments, to telehealth, this doctor’s office is great for your kiddos from 0 to 21 years of age. Find more details on their website here.

Cactus Childrens Clinic

As a parent, it can be easy to feel like you’re not being heard or understood, especially when you’re struggling with your babe’s health! Say “hi” to the pediatric clinic near Peoria that knows it can be just as tough as a parent, as it is rewarding. You’ll never feel alone in your concerns about your child’s health, and they will work with you and your kiddo to learn how to be as healthy as possible. Build lasting relationships with your doctor and know they will not only support your child’s health, but your own! You can set an example for your little ones through what the doctors teach, and find plenty of parent resources on their website as well.

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More Than Just Peoria Pediatricians

One of the most important parts of putting this list together, was making sure these pediatricians are well-loved by parents in Peoria! Caring and reassuring doctors make all the difference in the world to how your child sees their own health. As a family photographer in Peoria who works with so many little ones, I only want to offer the best!

I have more great resources for you if you’re in or near Peoria!

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Top 5 Peoria Pediatricians


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