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First and foremost, congratulations on your newest little one, Mama! I am always asked by my maternity clients and parents of littles if I have any lactation consultants in Phoenix that I recommend. YES! If you have made the decision to breastfeed or pump, I want to share them with you! A lactation consultation can help prep, guide and support you, even if baby isn’t earth side yet (yep)! These 5 internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) centers all offer unique services. In other words, there is a fit for everyone! So, if you are looking for a Phoenix lactation consultant, check out these incredible teams, first!

Read on for 5 Awesome Phoenix Lactation Consultants

It can be a rough time, as a parent, because you are often given advice you never asked for in the first place! No matter what you choose, you are doing what’s best for you and your babies. This list includes modern medicine, holistic and community focused care.

Arizona Breastfeeding Center

Out in Tempe, this center uses modern medicine. For a lactation consultant that provides care for all things breastfeeding, breasts and pumping, Arizona Breastfeeding Center is a one-stop center. Not only do they do a full health history check, they are also the only center in this list to mention help with multiples! Check out their services, if this is just the type of center you’re looking for!

The Milk Spot

Next up, in Central Phoenix, this team of IBCLCs provides a warm and welcoming care for families. This center use a mix of modern and holistic care. For example, their consultants come from backgrounds in doula services, dental hygiene, nursing and holistic care. They also specialize in tongue tie and lip tie release (frenectomy), through their partnership with Blossom Birth Center. Read more on their services if this sounds like the place for you!

Az Breastfed Babies

In Litchfield Park, find Az Breastfed Babies, which offers support for nearly all aspects of breastfeeding, including flange size fitting and back-to-work plans. From prenatal to crawler, you can schedule your appointment to be in-person or virtual via their HIPAA-compliant, private app. A consultation right in your own home…in your own bed? Yes please! In addition to that great news, AZ Breastfed Babies also offers other services and resources such as breast massage therapy, prenatal breastfeeding classes, and Lamaze classes.

Arizona Breastfeeding Medicine and Wellness

The next center is in Scottsdale and uses holistic care. They promise you up-to-date and evidence-based practices. Above all, you can expect to be heard as they guide your care with a plan personalized to achieve your goals with breastfeeding. They also specialize in tongue, lip and buccal tie release. You can find more of their awesome resources on their website.

Le Leche League

Lastly, if you want more community-minded lactation help and guidance, Le Leche League of Arizona may be for you! Their group leaders are trained through Le Leche League to offer personal support and current, evidence-based guidance for you and your babies, of all ages.

With your annual membership, you will have access to this support, as well as the opportunity to attend monthly meetings. Gain and give support while connecting with other parents in the league. There are chapters in Goodyear, Avondale, Glendale, Litchfield Park, Peoria and Surprise.

Finding the Best Lactation Consultants in Phoenix, AZ

Here’s a quick recap to finding a lactation consultant in Phoenix! If you’re looking for a “normal” doctor’s appointment style, check out Arizona Breastfeeding Center or The Milk Spot. If you’re trying to find a little bit of both holistic and modern care, check out Az Breastfed Babies and even Le Leche League. Don’t forget about Le Leche League’s awesome community-based membership, though. And lastly, if you’re interested in more holistic care, Arizona Breastfeeding Medicine and Wellness is a great place to start looking.

 If you have yet to have a maternity session or family session with your newest addition, I would love to be your go-to photographer! Check out more of my work and send me a message to start planning a gorgeous desert session!

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5 Awesome Lactation Consultants in Phoenix


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