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The Motherhood Co team creates the perfect support experience from prenatal to postnatal for both you and your tiny babies. It’s easy to find your village here, because, simply put, they have been through it all and supports moms like true girl friends should.

I was fortunate to meet Michelle and the rest of the co-op at one of their events. Going as a maternity, newborn and family photographer in Phoenix, it was a great chance to connect with local businesses that provide awesome services to recommend to my clients! It’s super important to me to recommend only people and places I would trust with my own health and family, and Motherhood Co is one of those places!

motherhood co couple next to large saguaro for maternity portrait by Amber of Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

The Motherhood Co is Like Finding Sisterhood

When you first walk into Motherhood Co, you don’t feel that weird, clinical awkwardness. You might notice the cute boutique options around the space or the individually decorated room aesthetics that both make you feel like you’re just out for a self-care day, but you will definitely notice the welcoming faces!

Founder and doula, Michelle, took support to a whole other level; not only did she create a space to bring incredible providers to support moms through their entire motherhood journey, she also throws so much passion into those around her that you’ll leave knowing you can do it, whatever “it” is at the moment!

Before you schedule a time to check out the space, here is the rest of the crew over at Motherhood Co to look out for.

close up of mom holding baby bump in desert, near the motherhood co, photographed by Amber Herrera

Who’s Who at The Motherhood Co

Modern Mama Doula

A team of birth and postpartum doulas who were trained by the best and work to build a relationship with each mom they support through maternity, birth and postpartum. Michelle Ludwig is part of this team, as well. Modern Mama Doula offers birth, postpartum and newborn care, placenta encapsulation and birth photography.

postpartum mom who goes to motherhood co, holding her daughter for desert portrait, by Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

Az Breastfed Babies

Your local Phoenix team of internationally board certified lactation counselors (IBCLC). Whether you are only starting to navigate your journey as a mama, or you’re a seasoned pro, seeing a lactation counselor is an important step to take even before your baby’s arrival. Az Breastfed Babies has you covered from prenatal consultations and classes for breastfeeding and pumping, to tongue ties and clogged ducts.

the motherhood co, mom to be in white dress phoenix. by Amber of Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

WildIvy Aesthetics

There is nothing to stop you from having a little time to yourself at The Motherhood Co, with WildIvy Aesthetics in-house! Leave room for some self care and schedule a brow and lash appointment, peel or other skincare and take care of yourself, mama!

The Pelvic Docs

It’s not necessarily a TikTok trend, but pelvic floor therapy is gaining popularity, and it’s not for nothin’! Pelvic floor care starts early, even when you’re still just carrying, and it continues through your postpartum and every day life. By taking care of your pelvic floor, you can help eliminate leaks, pains, and health complications. The Pelvic Docs at Motherhood Co see men and women of any age, and work with moms from bump to baby to postpartum. Don’t skip them on your visit!

mom to be in blue dress who went to the motherhood co for prenatal care. By Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

Mama Moves Co (Previously Do Yoga With Lisa)

If there is anyone you should be sure to look into for extra support, it’s Lisa and her (new) team! Lisa is a powerhouse and passionate gal who simply puts everything she can into her practice. Through yoga, Lisa and her team help release tension, pain and stress throughout the body. Mama Moves Co offers prenatal, postpartum and baby yoga!

parents, who attend motherhood co classes. holding newborn in-home. Photographed by Amber Herrera of Cactus & Pine Photography LLC

A Kids Boutique and Local, Boutique Finds

While you’re waiting for your appointments or hanging out after one, you’ll find plenty of perfect products to browse and take home. Some of their selection is perfect to continue looking after yourself and your health at home, like their essential oils and affirmation cards. Even if those aren’t your jam, you’re sure to find a must-buy outfit for your little ones and maybe even some jewelry for you! Seriously, they’ve thought of it all – you will not be disappointed when you stop in.

mom coming from the motherhood co, nose to nose with newborn for portrait by Cactus & Pine Photography

Classes from The Motherhood Co

These are not to be missed or forgotten, either! While there are so many amazing practices at The Motherhood Co, there are also the classes you would hope and expect from a motherhood centric company. A few of the classes offered outside of all the amazing ones from each company are Lamaze classes, a caregivers course and the Childbirth Crash Course.

Motherhood Co is definitely a one-stop shop for all things mama and baby, making it a must-visit space. Really, even if you just go in and say hi, the team will be happy to see you and make you feel totally welcomed. Feel free to look through their Instagram for all their current events and updates, before you swing by their location at 13832 North 32nd St. Suite 134 Phoenix AZ 85032.

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The Motherhood Co: Caring for Moms from Birth to Babies


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