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As a motherhood photographer with a second branch in personal brand photography and 10 years under her belt, I can truly say – I’ve been there, friend! Finding a photography business coach is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Finding clients, figuring out what the heck to do for your website and domain, having the right gear, learning lighting, and making an income can all be overwhelming. I haven’t even mentioned social media or the seemingly endless sea of competition yet! I know you’re ready to succeed and make a name and reliable income with your portraits, so I want to share my highest recommendation with you.

When to Get a Coach for Photography Business

The simple answer? Right away. The second you can invest in your own business, the better off you will be in the long run. I know. I used to hate hearing that all the time, too. The thing is, you don’t know until you know…you know? When you take that first leap and invest in yourself, you see the changes as you grow. You learn what amount of work you’re willing to put in and what you’re willing to give up.

The long answer is…when you’re ready. Plain and simple, if you don’t believe a business coach for photographers will be worthwhile, you won’t benefit from having one! I say this because, like most things in life, you only get out of it what you put into it. Think about anything you didn’t want to do and how little effort you put into it. Doing dishes? Yeah, you probably left them on the counter or wound up with food stuck on them after washing. Laundry? Tell me about that pile you have yet to fold and hang! Coaching will be the same – you have to want to put in the effort!

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re unsure right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not for you. It just means you need to do some research into what you want! So, if you’re ready to pour your time and heart into your business, it’s time to get a coach!

photography business coach helped photographer capture this photo of a mom with her daughters

My Photography Background

I started my career working for a nationally known studio and left their strict, unforgiving rules and NDAs and non-competes behind. I took college courses for photography and continued my business nonstop. Looking back now, I don’t really know how I expected to make it! I went from a full lighting set up and backdrops to on-location and in-home natural light. I already struggled in my small town with only friends, family and family of friends as clients, and then moved to a completely new state without knowing a soul! To top it all off, I had never once heard of SEO.

Posting in small business groups, mom groups, and local groups on Facebook, and talking with coworkers was the only way I was getting any time to photograph people. I knew I wanted this to be my career and I was tired of feeling miserable for not succeeding. I watched others luck out with both talent and popularity, so I knew I wanted a coach for photography business.

mom holding her baby, by Amber, Cactus & Pine Photography, photography business coach

Why I Hired Kyle Goldie as My Business Coach for Photography

I found Kyle through photography Facebook groups where he was a stand out name under every post asking for help in business. Now, if you’re like me, you have probably done all the free masterclasses, gotten the free guides, and had one too many harass you in messages or comments or emails. Same here. I thought Kyle would do the same, but here’s what I got instead:

  1. a comment that said he offered a course that would help, as the many referrals above and below had mentioned, and
  2. a message asking me if I wanted to know any more information and that he could help if I’d like.

I expected to get endless “just checking in” messages for months, but he really never talked to me again. Green flag.

In being his student, all of his support is genuine, direct and truly “lifetime”. Kyle always answers with as direct of a response as possible, rather than an unclear answer. He is very much a no frills educator, and he truly wants to help each and every one of his students. He will call you out when you need it, make sure you take care of yourself and others before burn out or poor mental and physical health, and work with you to the absolute best he can. When you have your initial discovery call with Kyle, he will truthfully tell you if you are a good fit for the mastermind or if you should seek a different program or educator! Each part of the coaching is tailored to you and your needs, and wastes no time getting you to the success you want to reach.

family smiling in desert scene, quality work from photography business coach advice

The Mastermind Program

There are several parts to the program including 1 on 1 calls with Kyle himself, a supportive group of photographers going through the mastermind with you, group coaching calls where you can get direct feedback from everyone and learn, plus all the goodness of the course itself.

My first 1:1 session with Kyle was an eye opening one and the part I was most nervous about. I shared with him what I wanted to photograph and what I wanted my income to look like and we broke that down into realistic goals, inquiry and booking expectations. Kyle then talked me through where to improve in my editing while keeping to or finding my style (whatever I may choose) and how clients view these big and small differences. Together, we looked through my website, what it lacked and needed to be improved. It can be tough to separate emotion from your work, but Kyle not once makes you feel like dirt. Every part of the process is supportive and reassuring, while not leading you astray.

Finally, Kyle gave me next steps to accomplish before the next 1:1. As of now, has made a major change for his new students that is a complete list of steps to accomplish in the best possible order. This “Task List” goes hand-in-hand with the course, and helps navigate the best path to keep you from feeling stuck. Once you start on the task list you are sure to see the inquiries and bookings increase, especially with the SEO keyword research specifically for photographers, your highly optimized website, and the coaching calls.

photography business coach helped with this photo of newborn in a blanket

SEO Keyword Research for Photographers

This is the goldmine for continual success and it is taught through this photography business coach.

The phrase that haunts and confuses most business owners – search engine optimization. I think that most creatives consistently throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks when it comes to SEO. We all blog and build websites hoping that something, anything will stick and we start getting business. I firmly believe that once you learn SEO, you have the key to success in business.

In the mastermind program, you will learn everything in a way that is simple and clear, and you will have the group and your coach to help you when you get lost. Honestly, we all do. SEO keyword research, while being taught very well in this course, is still somewhat complex of a beast but you will undoubtedly conquer it once and for all. The coolest part is that you don’t just learn how to do SEO from step zero to the finish, but you get done-for-you lists of keywords that you can implement immediately. These keywords are precise for your area and niche and help you get the perfect clients for your business.

While Kyle is partial to Showit, he did not skip a beat in making sure you can implement every part of the course no matter your CRM, website host, gallery delivery system, domain host, email marketing, etc.

mother and daughter hugging and smiling, photography business coach

Group Coaching Calls

While you’re in the program, you get a select amount 1:1 calls with Kyle. The group coaching calls are scheduled weekly and have various days, times and topics. These are such a great way to get extra 1:1 help from Kyle by both participating and hearing the feedback he gives to others. If they don’t accommodate your schedule there is always a reply, but I highly recommend attending as many as possible, because although they’re not required, they are an incredible resource!

These calls are not a powerpoint presentation or lecture, but an opportunity to get real-time feedback from others with fresh eyes, connect with your fellow course-mates, and have Kyle’s professional feedback, all at once. Kyle works through your questions and problem solves with you in real time so these definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted!

My Success With Kyle as My Photography Business Coach

For background, I had made less than $2,000 each year before starting the program between being part time, having low pricing, inconsistent clients and all things life. When I started the mastermind, I had taken exactly zero clients from January through July. By the first 90 days of the course diligently, I’d made back my investment and filled my calendar from October through December with $23,000 just in bookings, taking me from a $0 year to a $23,000 year in just the last few months. By the end of the program, I had consistent inquiries and bookings simply through email alone! Most clients booked with me after 2 emails and spent a minimum of $1,000!

professional newborn photo taken by photographer who hired a business coach

Learn More About Kyle’s Mastermind

My top favorite reason I recommend this program is because it teaches you the skills you can fall back on forever. It’s not the trendy thing to do, but it is truly the foundational one. I can honestly say that through life’s curveballs, health setbacks and the economical frustrations of the world, I always know I can put my course knowledge to work and catch up again. I am now making more with fewer clients and have set up my personal future.

I am always more than happy to share more about my experience with Kyle and answer any questions for fellow photographers looking to find an educator who truly cares and makes a difference. Feel free to reach out to me!

If you’re ready to take your business seriously and build the foundation you need for success, schedule a discovery call with Kyle, and check out the mastermind program to make him your photography business coach! I took the leap and it truly changed my life and my business for the better, and I hope this review finds others who want to succeed this way, too. No frills, just results, risk free (you read that right).

If you’re a photographer here are some other ways to utilize the magic of the mastermind to get your website and business flourishing…

While I do receive a small commission for some of the links in this post, this review is honest and would still hold true without it.



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The Photography Business Coach You NEED: Kyle Goldie


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