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As a girl mom, you always want your mini to have the perfect hair, outfit and accessories that are cute, dainty and still bring out her style. Henny and Coco was designed by mom and made for mini, and it is the perfect place for just that. Get ready to check off your list and hop on over to their store!

mom holding her daughter after shopping henny and coco

Explore Henny and Coco

In her search for a solution to being unable to find the perfect accessories for her daughter, Jennifer Hall decided to create Henny and Coco. She is not only CEO, but the designer behind Henny and Coco, and works hard to make sure you feel that magic and quality every time you shop.

girls dancing who love henny and coco shopping

Design & Quality

When this mom decided to create Henny and Coco, she had no mind to waste time on poor quality. Thanks to her background in fashion, every item is stylish and oh-so-perfect for your mini. You can shop lifestyle pieces to fit any and all occasions.

Each design uses high-quality materials for the ultimate cuteness, fashion and lifetime of the pieces. Whether it’s the leather, ribbon, tulle or beads, you’re sure to notice the difference in quality and the carefully crafted designs.

mom to be with her two daughters wearing henny and coco


There is nothing like a good pair of sunnies, especially here in Phoenix! Your mini will find sunnies as chic and fashionable as yours, but with a spin! Expect cute colors and designs to match any personality and style.

mom and her two daughters sitting in the grass, wearing henny and coco accessories

Purses & Bags

Easily your girl’s best friend when it comes to carrying all her must-haves. From handbags to shoulder and bucket bags, she’ll easily find one she loves at Henny and Coco. She can opt to match her mommy or a totally-in mini style.

mom holding her daughter before shopping at henny and coco


Don’t walk, run! Henny and Coco hats are quick to sell out. Plus, again, we do live in Phoenix, so it totally makes sense. The valley of the sun is definitely the best place for your mini to rock a cute hat. Their seasonal styles pair just perfectly with their bags, too.

mom who loves henny and coco holding her daughter

Shop Henny and Coco for Your Mini

Shopping there for any occasion for your mini really is easy and possible. When you shop online, you’ll find that you can shop by occasion. Shop for school, birthday, magical styles! Find them in person at 4333 N Civic Center Plaza #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. When your girl is ready for debut outfit to shine, I’d love to have you all for family photography session with me, too!

Looking for more ways to shop local boutiques or all things girl? I’ve got you covered.



dad and his two girls who are spoiled at henny and coco

Henny and Coco: Made For Your Minis


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