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As a parent of littles, it’s no secret to you that traveling with kids is no easy task, but when you’re visiting Phoenix, 3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals makes packing and traveling easy. Created and staffed by parents, they are your travel resources for Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas.

mom testing out new items with 3 peas baby gear rentals for her new baby

Travel Light with 3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals

Let’s be honest, traveling with kids in tow is double the adventure. Figuring out how to take a stroller, car seats, changing stations, bath necessities and everything in between is exhausting, but with 3 Peas you can leave everything at home and still have your gear as soon as you arrive in Phoenix. Check out all the benefits of renting baby gear with 3 Peas.

3 peas baby gear rentals client family hugging in close

The Best Gear

3 Peas Baby Gear is all high-end, like-new gear from premier brands on the market. With a team of parents behind the business, they’ve made sure to offer more than just strollers, car seats and cribs. 3 Peas Gear works hard to offer a full selection of gear, from morning to night routines and all day in between.

Items are purchased new from top brands for quality gear. You’ll find travel beds, bathtubs, high chairs, bouncers and even toy packages at 3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals. When you’ve only got a few things in mind, like if you just can’t part ways with a carseat, you can shop by category to find exactly what you need. Shop sleep, play, bath time, safety, travel and changing. You can also purchase ahead of time for your delivery things like, bottles, clothes, food, pacifiers, diapers, bath products and formula! They seriously have thought of it all.

family of 5 who used 3 peas baby gear rentals smiling together

Top Customer Service

3 Peas is family owned and built by two parents who have been through it all, themselves. They’ll work with you to find exactly what you need, even if you may not see it on their rental list, or it’s being used when you need it. If you’re a parent of multiples, or simply have siblings coming along for the ride, they’ll help you get what you need.

You won’t have to wait around for a window of time, like the satellite or internet companies either. When you’ve got a scheduled time, they’ll be there with everything in hand, ready for you to take! 3 Peas Baby also offers diapers, wipes and food delivery, if you want to leave those at home and safe even more space in your luggage.

new dad with his son, looking for 3 peas baby gear rentals to test gear

Safety and Security

3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals is proudly the only certified member of the Global Association of Baby Equipment Rental Companies in Arizona! Every item purchased by the 3 Peas Gear team is from top brands that are JPMA certified, quality gear. Everything is checked against all current safety recalls. Not only is the gear safe, but the team is, too. Every member of their team is a parent with clean background checks, and the team is fully insured.

When it comes to disinfecting, each piece of gear goes through a 3 step, non-toxic cleaning process between rentals.

family testing new gear while visiting Phoenix with 3 peas baby gear rentals

Service Area

You can have your items delivered to you throughout the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale. So, if you arrive at the airport and need your items delivered, they’ve got you covered! But, if you’ve got a resort, hotel, airbnb, or just a family’s house to get to first, they’ll meet you there.

mom and her baby in 3 peas baby gear rentals


If you’re wondering how early or late you should give 3 Peas Baby Gear a call, make it the same day as your hotel, flight and/or car booking. Once you have all of the information for the rest of your stay, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’ll need to rent, where it needs to be dropped off, and if you need anything extra like toys or diapers. It’s a perfect fit into any travel plan!

Sometimes you realize you need something during your trip that wasn’t expected, or maybe you had to schedule your trip last minute. 3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals has you covered with their same-day rental availability. Get in touch as soon as you can, and their team will help you find exactly what you need.

mom who used 3 peas baby gear rentals with her two kids

Baby Proofing

If you’ve got family coming to visit, or maybe you’re just wanting to test out some of the latest baby gear, 3 Peas partners with a local team for professional baby proofing! Just let them know you’re looking, and they’ll connect you with Baby Safe Homes in Phoenix!

family having fun in the desert, 3 peas baby gear rentals

Get in Touch with 3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals

Keep 3 Peas Rentals in the back of your mind for your next family visit to Phoenix, especially if you’re having me as your family photographer for some epic desert portraits! You can check them out here to make your rentals official.

While your family is cruising around and exploring the desert, here are some other great options for you!

mom and her two girls renting from 3 peas baby gear rentals while visiting Phoenix

3 Peas Baby Gear Rentals: All You Need to Know


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