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I am happy you have found Cactus & Pine Photography LLC in your search for your Peoria, AZ photographer! If you’re looking for those real moments and stress-free portraits, welcome! Let me share a bit more with you. Through unique poses, real and raw emotions, and a laid-back approach that promotes fun, you will be guided every step of the way.

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Sessions With Me as Your Peoria, AZ Photographer

One of the most important parts of the process in finding your photographer is to make sure you feel comfortable with them and their work so that your session is easy and the absolute best it can be! If you’re in Peoria, Arizona or the surrounding west valley area, I’m going to share a bit about myself and The Cactus & Pine Photography LLC Experience for portrait sessions.

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About Me

As an Arizona transplant who still grew up visiting Arizona every year from a young age, I can’t help but share that I simply love the Southwest! I am here for all things desert, and love capturing scenic views in my work. I am also a major fan of The Office and dad jokes; I am an avid coffee addict and a fitness junkie who loves pastries!

I am a firm believer in being genuine and never taking life too seriously. As the oldest sibling of 3 and all the other kids in the family, I learned to balance that line between inclusion, play and seriousness. Keeping things light and fun is my ultimate goal, though because I have personal experience and love honoring special moments like angel babies and rainbow babies, there is always so much room for those tame and heartfelt moments. It is always an honor to bring these parts of your story to life as your photographer in Peoria, Arizona!

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You want a photography process that is seamless and doesn’t interrupt all the parenting and adulting you’re already doing, while still getting the best experience and loving your photographer. My process is step-by-step and shared with you as you go. From the moment you reach out to me about your session, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

We’ll chat about your session to make sure we are a great fit and when it’s time to book, you’ll have everything you need sent to you via email. Then, I’ll offer suggestions and my client closet selections for you based on your preferences from our chat, and we’ll complete the plan for you date, outfits and time in just a few emails.

mom baby wearing in Peoria, Arizona with photographer Amber

Your Portrait Session

For a lot of us, a portrait session is not our favorite time of the year, but I am here to change all of that for my clients! To start off, I offer wardrobe options and suggestions to make sure you look and feel your absolute best. For men/dads that includes suggestions for maximum comfort with maximal style!

We’ll keep things simple and fun to take off any pressure, and those perfect smiles and poses will be sprinkled in throughout the session. Ultimately it’s all about enjoying the moment together through connection and fun! At a session with me as your Peoria, AZ photographer, we won’t take things quite seriously, so be ready for some silliness and stress-free portraits.

peoria, az photographer, mom-to-be holding her belly

Canvases, Prints and More

After all the fancy clothes are stored away and the fun is over, it’s time for the second phase of life for your session – artwork! You’ll receive a digital gallery and complimentary artwork credit with any image collection you choose. With the ability to order right from within your digital gallery, you’ll be able to choose the exact image, size and type of canvas, framed, metal or wooden print to fit your home.

There is a little known, but major difference in quality, look and feel between prints, canvases and other pieces ordered from places like Shutterfly, Walgreens or online labs versus prints ordered through your gallery! All pieces are heirloom quality and crafted in the USA. You can think of the quality similar to museum artworks – UV protective and anti-glare coatings that don’t degrade and ruin your photographs, plus you won’t get those typical sun-fade borders! All pieces have a lifetime of 100 years or more (up to 200 with proper care and storage).

dining room with photographs by Cactus & Pine Photography LLC, peoria arizona photographer

I’d Love to Be Your Peoria, AZ Photographer

The most important part of the entire process is that I am here to help you with any questions and am just an email or text away throughout it all! This is only a quick overview of my process and products, and if you would like to know more, send me a message. I am excited to hear from you and learn about the session you have in mind! Take a look at more of my work as a Peoria, AZ photographer for families and maternity.

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