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When it comes to kids, parents are both trying to keep up and trying to hold onto the time passing by as they grow up. As a family photographer in Phoenix, Arizona, I love being able to help parents with the latter. But, I say that’s just not enough! Aside from seeing portraits and letting memories play in your mind, there is something out there that can go hand-in-hand (pun intended) with these memories, and that is family hand casting, in PhoenixIn only a few minutes, you can have a piece of art that shows every detail of your family’s hands – freezing those tiny fingers, wrapped around your own hands. Use it as decor, a bookend, or simply a private keepsake. Hand casting is super safe and simple! If family hand casting just isn’t for you, there is so much more you can cast, like a belly cast for you baby bump, a bum for your newborn, and a paw for your pup!

Where to Find Family Hand Casting in Phoenix

Little Treasures of Arizona

Working in the Greater Phoenix area, Lorraine creates many unique memorial pieces. Have your newborn’s feet, hands and bum casted and added to a shadow box that holds their hospital band, socks and hat, plus a portrait, of course. Have your family hand casting in Phoenix done in a truly timeless way with a style to match your vision. Keep it simple with a white cast, or match your home with bronze, silver or colors. Lorraine also works with memorial pieces for elderly or sick family members, and can take hand and finger prints to turn into jewelry. You can find all of her offers on her website!

Family Life Casting Services by Maternity Keepsake

Gloria is world-renowned for her family hand casting in Phoenix! You may have seen her and her beautiful work before, on local news and even a TV series or two. Gloria has a trademarked preservation system which she hand-mixes for a sculpture that lasts generations. She has 27 years of experience in body casting and aside from her family hand casting, she specializes in belly casting for moms-to-be! For a true bump-to-baby experience, get your baby bump casted, and then bring your newborn bundle back to cast their hands, feet and baby bum! Maternity Keepsake also casts pets, so you can truly bring the whole family!

two young sisters who will go with their family for a hand casting in Phoenix

Get Your Family Hand Casting in Phoenix

Okay, but seriously! How amazing would it be to just freeze time with those little baby fingernails or toes?! Schedule your family session in Phoenix with me as your photographer, then head out to get your one-of-a-kind family hand casting with all your babies! It’s such an easy way to actually remember how little your kids were as newborns. A family hand casting can make such a cool piece of decor on a bookshelf, or on your family’s gallery wall in the living room!

If you’re looking for unique ways to celebrate memories and family, here are some really awesome things I’ve gathered up for you, besides hand casting!

mom and two daughters who are looking into family hand casting in Phoenix

Freeze Time with Family Hand Casting in Phoenix


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