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Parenthood creates a lifelong goal to see your kids happy and thriving; Kidstop Toys and Books has all the best toys to help you reach that goal! I think we adults all miss our old favorite Toys R Us, but when there are amazing local alternatives, we can all take that nostalgia. and put it towards some local, small business love.

Filled with toys tested for fun by their lead toy experts, Kidstop is not only the toy store kids dream about, it’ll be yours, too! As an Arizona family photographer, all my clients know the value of having fun with their kids, so I love having such a great place to recommend when parents have a need for the perfect gift. It’s also a great place to let your kids pick the perfect gifts for friends.

two daughters with their mom who loves shopping at kidstop toys and books

Kidstop Toys is a Toy Store for the Whole Family

When you walk into Kidstop, you’re immediately welcomed with a fun and caring staff member. Not only will they help you find great toys, books, and fun, they’re also going to tell you exactly how amazing the toys are and all that you can do with them. They are true toy pros!

kidstop toys and books has helped this mom to be of two shop for toys


Kidstop Toys and Books is available to shop online or in-store (the way more fun way!) You can shop by age or activity. For example, they’ve got you covered for kids ready to build, craft, learn or zoom around. Kidstop Toys sells books, puzzles, games, and all types of toys which makes it a great place for any family or friends to shop for your kiddos!

Adults can find toy favorites of their own, and not just for the nostalgia of childhood! If you’re throwing a party or simply a seasonal hang-out, Kidstop is the perfect place to find some party games, yard games, and lots more.

parents who love kidstop toys and books just as much as their kids


The “Toy Experts” as they call themselves at Kidstop Toys and Books, take their toy picking process very seriously! You won’t simply find water toys and Squishmallows like any other store. These toy pros visit toy shows to hand-pick their favorites for the newest, best and funnest toys available. You know they’re going to be adult and kid favorites, because they’re tested by parents who love fun.

sisters running and playing, kidstop toys and books


Kidstop Toys and Books has been a local-owned toy store in the Scottsdale, Phoenix area for over 20 years! It has been voted best toy store year after year. Beloved owner and founder, Kate Tanner, decided to close up shop in 2020, but with the strength and love of the community, Kidstop Toys is back and open! Kate was confronted by a toy-loving and local family about funding the store and keeping the local love going. She agreed! The Roehmer Family is officially the new toy family to help you find the best toys and have the most fun with your kids.

kidstop toys and books family having fun

Support Local Toy Store Kidstop Toys and Books

From babies to teens to adult, there’s something for everyone, so make sure to stop in and meet the new owner to talk toys! There is a reason it’s voted the best toy store, every year. It’s also a great recommendation to send grandparents, aunts, uncles and everyone in between when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. You are sure to love it just as much as your kids…and if you don’t, it’s still a great place to shop for your kids! You can find them over at 6990 E Shea Blvd, 103 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 or online.

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two brothers together who love shopping kidstop toys and books with their parents

Local Favorite: Kidstop Toys and Books


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