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Whether you are just exploring your options, have a new little one with sensitivities, or already have your mind set, finding a cloth diaper service in Phoenix may be exactly what your family needs. Get to know how Sun Sprout can help you begin, continue or simply support your cloth diaper journey!

new mom holding her baby, using a Phoenix cloth diaper service

The Best Cloth Diaper Service in Phoenix

If you’re picturing those diapers from the old shows and movies, or even the commercials and newspaper ads, think again! Cloth diapering has come quite a long way since then, and you’ll be pleased to see how awesome this cloth diaper service is. Sun Sprout is a family owned cloth diaper service. They are local to Tucson and provide delivery across the Greater Phoenix area. As you’re looking for what best fits your family’s lifestyle, there are some starter details that are worth knowing!

brother and sister who growing up in Phoenix with a cloth diaper service

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are much softer and more comfortable than the plastic-and-paper feel of commercial diapers. Store bought diapers may contain materials and ingredients that are harmful to your baby’s skin, or simply set off their sensitivities. Cloth diapers are natural and safe to use, but they actually help you cut down on costs, too. It’s a bonus that they’re considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Aside from the benefit of your baby’s comfort and happy skin, cloth diapers have been proven to make potty training easier! Compared to babies who wear store-bought diapers, there is a noticeable 6-12 difference in potty trained kids who wear cloth diapers.

mom and her two babies who use a phoenix cloth diaper service

How to Get Started

This Phoenix cloth diaper service has everything you need to get you started with your best foot forward. You can sign up for their diapering classes to learn all the ins and outs of using cloth diapers. The Sun Sprout team will help you with all the best tips and tricks, share what tools you’ll need and what you won’t, and answer any questions you have. They even have a guide for you to access easily.

Their guide covers things like the differences between standard and cloth diapers, what differences they make for the environment, the design and construction of cloth diapers, types of diapers and even different processes to cloth diapering. There is so much more inside their guide.

mom and son, cloth diaper service phoenix

Sun Sprout Subscription

When you’re ready to set up your Phoenix cloth diaper service, you’ll want to make sure you sign up for a class on diapering. This is an in-person and hands-on event so you will go into your diaper service with full confidence in your diapering skills and process!

Each service includes diaper pick up, wash and delivery of fresh diapers right to your door. Really, it’s so convenient. Payments for your service are taken monthly, but your diapers are cleared and delivered weekly. They even offer a wonderful option for any time you’re preparing for a family trip and won’t be home for your service!

mom to be, who used a cloth diaper service in Phoenix, holding her baby

Shop Cloth Diapers & Gear

When you’re ready to order your subscription items for your cloth diaper service in Phoenix, there are some really great options Sun Sprout has to choose from. You can not only use the cloth diapers, but reusable wipes, too! While they offer starter and similar package options, you can decide to purchase wraps, extra diaper fasteners (not a giant pin), rash cream, bin deodorant for your dirty cloths, and even swim and bamboo  travel diapers!

If you’re wondering, the wraps Sun Sprout offers are a super special kind of diaper, and they’re really cool. With only two sizes, from baby to potty-trained, you get a snug, grow-with-me fit on your little ones. They make cleaning, changing and diapering super quick and even easier. The swim diapers are a huge plus, for us Phoenix desert dwellers! Not only are they made in the USA and perfectly safe for swimming, but they are approved by most public pools.

parents with their son in Phoenix who used cloth diaper services

Bonus Services

Since the Sun Sprout team are pros, they’ve thought up everything you need for your cloth diaper service in Phoenix. Your service includes a discard container for the used cloths and diapers. Each week, when you receive your diapers, you also get a liner for the container, so everything stays nice and clean. Don’t forget you get a deodorizer, too!

If you’re looking to gift a fellow Phoenix parent an awesome cloth diaper service, Sun Sprout offers gift certificates, too. No shame in adding that to your wish lists for holidays and birthdays, either!

One last thing! If you know someone who’s already taken on the cloth diapering service at home, or maybe you are not quite up for a full service, but still want to use cloth diapers, Sun Sprout offers a stripping service for you to get a full, professional, fresh start with your cloths! This is a super great option to use monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

phoenix mom and her two boys on a cloth diaper service subscription

Subscribe for Your Cloth Diaper Service in Phoenix

Whenever you’re ready to kick off your service for your littles, make sure you sign up for a class and check out their guide for diapering. Then, head over to their website for even more details on their products and services and build your diapering package.

By the way, if you’ve got a brand new little one, I’d love to be your Phoenix family photographer and help get your family photos updated! If you’re in the market for any more Phoenix family resources and fun, here are a few of my recommendations:

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Cloth Diaper Service in Phoenix: Meet Sun Sprout


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