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When you’re preparing for your new little one’s arrival, everything is a balance between worry and excitement, but what makes it all better is hearing that tiny heartbeat, feeling those kicks, and seeing their precious features develop! Baby Bloom Ultrasound wants you to have those moments of quality time with your baby throughout your pregnancy.

first time parents hugging baby bump ultrasound at baby bloom

What is Baby Bloom Ultrasound?

Baby Bloom ultrasounds are elective with personalized packages and warm, welcoming ultrasound techs and staff. With their HD live technology, you can simply watch your baby and spend one-to-one time with them before they’re earth side. The Baby Bloom studio has a large room, which means unlike doctor or hospital visits, you can bring lots of family and friends to meet your baby.

You’ll be able to sit back and relax to enjoy time with your baby, rather than expecting any stress over medical issues and doctors. Watch your baby play and react with everyone you bring with you!

Follow Your Baby’s Growth

You can schedule your first ultrasound with Baby Bloom as early as 6 weeks and as late as is safe by approval from your doc! Here is a quick break down of the best times to schedule your ultrasounds for different stages in baby’s growth cycle.

  • 6 to 13 weeks: hear your baby’s heartbeat and see your baby’s general form
  • 14 to 19 weeks (give or take): gender reveals! You’ll get to see your baby’s full body at this point – so cute!
  • 20 to 26 weeks: time to really hang out with your littlest one – you’ll be able to see their face, arms and legs in your pictures!
  • 28+ weeks: all the details – oh so sweet! Your babe is almost earth side now, and that means you can see so many details in their features! I’d recommend extra pictures in this appointment, for sure!

One thing I love (and you will too) about Baby Bloom is that it’s all about the experience! So, if baby decides to face away and be camera shy during your appointment, you will have the chance to have a second appointment just to try again!

mom to be maternity session before Baby Bloom ultrasound appointment

What to Expect at Your Baby Bloom Ultrasound Appointment

There are a few types of scans and packages Baby Bloom offers for your appointments, depending on what week you are in during your pregnancy. Each package and a la carte service has a specific limit of time set for your appointment and a set number of printed photos included.

Check Out Their Services

There are a few different services you can expect at your Baby Bloom appointments. Every scan comes with a select number of images, but you can always opt for more! Between 7 and 14 weeks, you can go in for your 1st Peek and heartbeat scans where you will be able to watch a 2D live video stream of your baby! At 14 weeks or later, you can schedule your gender reveal scan in 2D!

At any point during your 14+ weeks, you can schedule short appointments for a “Quick Peek” scan. Maybe you just want to hear that sweet heartbeat again, or you hope to catch a glimpse of gender signs! No matter what service you choose, your time is totally yours, and your techs are there to make it happen for you!

mom to be who uses Baby Bloom with her third baby on the way

Select One of Their Packages

There are quite a few phases during baby’s growth that you want to make sure you see, so what’s better than a bundle-and-save?! Baby Bloom has a few packages for you to consider when you schedule. Don’t forget each session comes with a select number of printed photos from your ultrasounds, but as a bonus, some of these come with a video recording! Another difference to watch out for in their packages is between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasounds.

  • Baby’s Journey: An appointment will be made for each phase including first heartbeat, gender reveal and multiple visits after these until birth. My favorite part of this package is you get to create a stuffed animal with your baby’s heartbeat recording (of your choice)! *cue tears* Talk about memories.
  • DNA Gender and 1st Week Scan: Stop by the Baby Bloom office to get a DNA gender test done with the option for same day, 1 day or 2 day results. Then get your first ultrasound and meet your baby for the first time!
  • Silver Package: 3D or 4D livestream with optional re-scan for camera shy babies!
  • Gold Package: 3D or 4D livestream with the option to stay longer when you just can’t get enough!

pregnant mom in desert with lace dress who used baby bloom ultrasounds

Special Offers

Since you’re already at an office and getting some ultrasounds done, you might be thinking about celebrations like your baby shower/sprinkle, gender reveal, or even announcements. Baby Bloom is a great place to pick up some exciting items like gender reveal canons, balloons and even a baseball! If you’re using photos for announcements or maybe just sharing with a whole crowd of people you love, make sure you opt for extra ultrasound prints and colored prints, too!

Get in Touch with Baby Bloom Ultrasound!

You can begin your ultrasounds with Baby Bloom as early as 6 weeks, so once you see that plus sign, you can get in touch with the team and talk to them about scheduling (yay)! The team is super knowledgeable and ready to help you plan your visits and let you know their top recommendations for fasting, drinking water, or scheduling times. There is so much that goes into making sure you get to see your little babe, and they’ve got you covered with figuring it out!

If you’re still in your early weeks of pregnancy, make sure to find your Arizona maternity photographer by your second trimester, so you can schedule in time for your third trimester dates! If you’re near Baby Bloom in Goodyear, I’d love to see if I’m available for your maternity session – send me a message!

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Choose Baby Bloom Ultrasound to Meet Your Baby-to-Be


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